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More overseas experiences

Posted on December 23, 2019

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So far, most of what you find here pertains to British or Irish public transport but I have sampled their counterparts elsewhere too and I have had it in mind to feature my experiences using these. The countries include Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands and Canada so there is scope for a few articles though I may not spread things out so much that is one per country. Perhaps, there is room for one post about getting around the European Alps, another for Scandinavia and so on.

So many travel guides do not feature public transport as a way to get around overseas destinations that I feel that there is a gap that needs filling. It is all too easy to choose fly/drive deal that negates these. In truth, there are limitations and they especially apply in the U.S.A. something that is dulling any enthusiasm for that part of the world since I myself do not drive.

Nevertheless, other perspectives feel in order and that especially applies in a time bus usage is declining in the U.K. A current sign of that is Arriva’s decision to cancel service 130 between Macclesfield and East Didsbury, something that I see as a trunk route so I hope that someone else steps into the gap that is left behind. It all shows that there is need for added positivity in these times of great upheaval.