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Carrying Bikes on Buses

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In other parts of the world like Canada, New Zealand or the U.S.A., it is common to find bicycle racks attached to the fronts of service buses but this is less common around Europe. As such, it works best with folding bicycles from the likes of Brompton and Dahon unless you encounter a specially outfitted service vehicle in common use on a particular route.

That especially applies to Britain and Ireland so I created a repository on the carriage of bikes on buses by operator compile information for cyclists from different sources since the content tends to be well scattered on individual websites. There always will be something to add yet I hope that the compilation will have its uses.

When I first created this, I did have designs on using my folder Dahon to explore other locales but that has since faded though there was a trip to Longdendale that followed upon on the idea. The weight of the Dahon might have something to do with it along with its low gearing and small wheels but the ongoing pandemic cuts in on such designs as well. Challenges intrude yet I cannot rule out the chances of other trips either.


Can convey bicycles so long as space is available.


Generally unable to accept bikes on a bus. However, if your bike folds up so that it will fit within the luggage holder on a bus, and you can lift it in and out on your own, it can be brought on board at the driver’s discretion.

Bus Éireann

Folding bicycles that are packed and wrapped in a suitable carrier bag/protective covering will be treated as passengers’ accompanied luggage and carried free of charge in the luggage storage area. Folding bicycles that are NOT packed or wrapped as described above will be charged at the full cycle rate.

Bicycles will be carried only if sufficient accommodation is available; they must be placed in the luggage compartment or other designated area of the vehicle and are subject to a charge.


Folding bicycles are welcome on board buses so long as they are stowed safely and do not block the aisles or access to seats. There are instances when this may not be possible, for example:

  • If there is insufficient space on the bus
  • When a folding bicycle could make the inside of the bus or its seats dirty or could cause discomfort to other customers

Due to space and safety considerations, standard non-folding bicycles cannot be carried.

High Peak

Folding bikes are carried on all services with enclosure in carry cases (or bike bags) being favoured.

Irish Citylink

Happy to carry bicycles in the luggage compartment of coaches if there is room available and there is a €5 charge payable to the driver.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to prebook bicycles.

Lothian Buses

Folding bicycles that are folded and fully enclosed in a suitable carrying bag.

National Express & Eurolines

You may take your bicycle on a journey, as long as it is designed to fold in half using a special link in the frame and is carried in an appropriate padded bag or hard case, suitable for the purpose.

On Eurolines services folding bikes are permitted on journeys between London and Amsterdam, Paris and Ireland. Again, they must be appropriately packed in an appropriate padded bag or hard case, suitable for the purpose.

Bicycles that are not correctly packed will be refused carriage, for luggage allowance purposes bikes will be considered as being equal to one suitcase.

Scottish Citylink

Subject to availability of accommodation, bicycles in a box/bag will be carried.


Non-folding bicycles are only carried on a very limited number of buses specifically modified for the purpose. Generally, bicycles may be carried at the owner’s risk on coaches, as opposed to buses, where luggage boots are available.

Safety notices governing their carriage are posted on the relevant vehicles with further information available from the local Stagecoach operating company.

Folding bicycles, safely and securely stowed in the designated luggage area in a suitable bag or box, may be carried on all vehicles.