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Cheshire East is not escaping either

Posted on November 15, 2010

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Last week’s Macclesfield Express carried a front-page headline about the potential closure of the passenger enquiries office in Macclesfield Bus Station and the effect it might have on the more vulnerable in our society, particularly the visually impaired who cannot use the usual timetable displays. That is not all because they are looking at whether to keep the station’s public conveniences too. After the announcement of North Yorkshire County Council’s draconian plans, this sadly doesn’t come as a surprise. All that can be done is to hope that it stops at this though I do have my doubts. It looks as if the next few months will tell a story and we’ll have to wait to see what that is. If there’s more, we can expect to hear some unyielding statements from councillors from the governing party and very different opinions from the rest. Times look set to get interesting and some opposition can be expected too, by the looks of things. Whether or not it has any effect is another matter but disagreements over how to handle the situation have already cost one council cabinet member their job.