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A temporary moratorium on the making of right turns

Posted on July 28, 2010

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Here in Macclesfield, there is another round of traffic disruption besetting us; it’s as if it never stops. This time, it is the need to maintain overhead electricity cables that is the cause of the trouble. The result is the closure of part of the Silk Road with diversions being set in place with anyone intent on turning right on Hibel Road, Beech Lane or Jordangate being sent to the roundabouts at the end of Churchill Way or near the Tesco superstore. The Jordangate traffic lights have been switched off too so pedestrians have been advised to use the nearby footbridge over the road instead. Otherwise, there are signs and bollards littered everywhere with Beech Lane/Manchester Road being the alternative route for traffic going to and coming from north of Macclesfield. When you see the what is being done, you would suspect chaos but I haven’t really seen any apart from a traffic build-up around Sainsbury’s on Sunday. While I am travelling to work earlier than before, I have seen no real effect on bus running times either. Is because it is summer school holiday time that things are working as smoothly as they are?