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Sometimes, bus services run better than websites

Posted on January 6, 2010

Reading time: 1 minutes.

The southbound voyage of yesterday’s band of snow seems to have paralysed Arriva’s website but the 130 is running again this morning as is the 27 (not all Bowers services are running as usual, though; check their website for details). A number 10 was spotted running around Macclesfield too so signs are hopeful regarding bus services. So long as more snow doesn’t arrive, there should be some buses running near enough to normal around Cheshire. There are talks of the cold weather staying with us for weeks yet so it looks as if we’ll need to adapt to the conditions rather than waiting for them to adapt to us. The Nordic combination of wearing boots to work and shoes around the office is set to stay in place for much of January by the looks of things.

Update: The 130 was running well when I got to going home this evening and I even thought I spied a 27 going around too. The chaos may have gone south…