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130 service level could be very limited

Posted on January 5, 2010

Reading time: 1 minutes.

It now seems that Arriva’s services are getting badly hit by the weather with the usual 130 service being abandoned with only the possibility of a skeleton service between Macclesfield and Handforth in its place. The article on their website says Macclesfield states Macclesfield Hospital as the destination but I spotted a bus looking as if it was from the Macclesfield depot sporting the service number 130 around Monk’s Heath; by then I had bailed out and organised a lift home from a work colleague (who happens to have experience of Montreal winters as I later found). Otherwise, the snowfall seems to be causing havoc in Cheshire so we’ll have to wait and see what runs in the morning. It looks as if the Arriva website will need inspection before travel decisions can be made, especially with more snow being expected.

Hint: Head over to the Bus Companies page on here for more information on any disruption. I’ll try to keep up with what I find but the scale of the problem is too big for someone like myself to cover on our own. Of course, if you can add anything in the comments, then that would be very welcome.

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