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Posted on January 4, 2010

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This morning, the first 130 from Macclesfield to Manchester of which I know was the 09:45; anyone waiting for anything due after 08:00 (and maybe before that again) was in for a very cold wait even if the real-time bus tracker suggested otherwise. It’s at times like these that you get to question a company’s choice of bus depot location; the 130 is run from Manchester. Last night was so cold that ice could be seen on the inside of that bus! Bollington buses (Arriva service 10) had ice on the outside but noting ice on the inside and it thawing on top of you is something else.

No Bowers service is running and that includes service 27 between Macclesfield and Knutsford (the bus tracker might suggest otherwise, though) along with cross-boundary services like the 58 between Macclesfield and Buxton. Having been on one of those on a very snowy day before Christmas (the A537 looked forbidding in the snow and the fog), it looks as if it must be atrocious over in Chaple-en-le-Frith. A full thaw is more than a week away so it’s hard to see things moving much before then but I am open to pleasant surprises.

All in all, these are the effects of an arctic Christmas and New Year so it’s a case of getting out sensible footwear and taking it easy. Others may want to ignore nature and remove the white stuff while it still is grippy but my outdoors sensitivities don’t play to that gallery and anything that you can grip is better than a smooth icy surface. It’s only when there’s a freeze-thaw cycle in operation or a serious danger of elderly broken bones that you’ll find me taking evasive action like breaking ice or heading for the grit container with a shovel. Some say that modern buses are not so tolerant of cold weather but they run well much of the time in adverse conditions. It’s only extremes that cause the sort of disruption that I experienced this morning and more snow is due this evening.

Update: The 27  and the 300 (Knutsford town service) were supposed to be running in the afternoon but I cannout vouch for that myself.