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A spot of white van man bother

Posted on August 26, 2009

Reading time: 2 minutes.

Roadworks seem to have invaded Chester Road after something of a respite. It doesn’t help that the gas network is continuing to be the subject of attention around Macclesfield. The same blighters seem to have targetted the A6 between High lane and Disley too as I found when I was out on my bike last Saturday.

The trouble with roadworks is that they often reduce a road from carrying bidirectional traffic to being a one way street, not that I saw much evidence of temporary traffic lights on Chester Road this evening. Such a situation means that any roads have to be in negotiating mode rather than expecting everyone else to give way for you as did a certain chap driving what looked like a Transit pickup while I was on the bus home. The result was that the bus driver stopped the vehicle and switched the engine off to have a cigarette until the other party got the message. After all, the Transit wasn’t on his own side of the road so the bus driver’s actions perhaps were understandable. After all, he did have the bigger vehicle and cars right behind him so reversing wasn’t going to be as easy as it was for the other guy. Naturally, an exchange of views took place and the van driver was told that he would be there until the police came if he didn’t budge out of the way. It looked like we might be there for some time so I disembarked for a longer but far from unreasonable walk home and left them to it. As it happened, I was soon to hear the sound of a vehicle reversing warning system as the van driver had taken the hint and the bus passed me while making its way. A little more patience and my walk would have been shorter but who was to know? The same could be said for the other drivers who were in the business of turning tale to go another way.