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13:31, June 14, 2022

High Peak’s service 19 between Macclesfield and Prestbury has been revised with the frequency reduced to every 90 minutes to reflect current demand and to provide better reliability. There are no changes to the journeys that serve The Fallibroome Academy or McCann’s.

08:24, April 28, 2022

While I cannot recall what led me to the mention of European interrailing, here are two websites from the same organisation that help you get passes for rail travel across Europe and within different European countries: Interrail Eurail and Eurail. The first of these is for residents of one of the thirty-three member countries of the scheme to travel in one or more of the other members while the second is for those living outside the thirty-three country block.

The passes typically allow travel in so many days out of a longer period such as a month and, though cheaper than all the required equivalent tickets, the costs are in the region of hundreds of euro so there is an upfront investment that is not inconsiderable in these times of high inflation. Still, the operation is around more than fifty years and dates from its original beginnings in the nineteen fifties. Its early days were spent offering services to young people but everyone is entitled these days and seat reservations are a possibility too.

18:14, February 17, 2022

There is a lot of advice against travelling during Storm Eunice when it passes over us tomorrow. This has featured not only on Twitter but also in operator emails from the likes of Northern. Storm Dudley passed without causing anything untoward around me but working from home does tend to shield you from these things.

12:02, February 16, 2022

From next Sunday (2022-02-20), D&G will be tweaking the timings of its service 16 (Hanley - Werrington - Cheddleton - Leek - Buxton) and dropping Abbey Hulton as a stopping point on its evening journeys. One thing that escaped my notice is that the Leek-Buxton section of the route only sees service from Monday to Friday with service 108 (Ashbourne - Waterhouses - Leek - Buxton) getting extended to cover this section on Saturdays. There also are different timings as a result with the first journey from Buxton on Saturdays being disappointingly late in the day for making more extensive explorations of the hill country between there and Leek.

08:41, February 15, 2022

The junction at Grimshaw Lane/Wellington Road is going to be closed from 2022-02-19 to 2022-02-27. This means that Arriva service 10 will operate only to and from South West Avenue. Goodwins services 391, 392 will operate as far as South West Avenue before going via Flash Lane to the A523 to Adlington and then going via Brookledge Lane and the normal route. During this period, there will be no service to either Kerridge or the top of Bollington.

08:28, February 15, 2022

Changes are forthcoming on the D&G bus network on Sunday (2022-02-02). Saturday services 94, 94A and 94B will operate only between Newcastle and Tunstall in Stoke-on-Trent rather than extending as far as Biddulph and Congleton as they do now. Service 85 will not operate on Sundays or bank holidays. Otherwise, these commercially operate routes will not be affected on their other days of operation. Council-contracted services 42 and 317 will see journeys retimed.

08:24, February 15, 2022

The current contract for service 130 in Cheshire East is set to expire at the end of March. The tendering process for a new contract to apply from the start of April is underway. An announcement of a new contract and timetable should follow on its completion. It remains to be seen what this means for service level but it is promising that a new supported contract is in the offing.

08:15, February 14, 2022

There has been a major change here so not every link from elsewhere will work. Just use the search facility to find what you were seeking. Otherwise, stability should be the watchword going forward.

20:16, February 12, 2022

The pandemic has not left us yet so many are unable to work after testing positive for COVID-19. This also affects public transport services so it is best to check ahead of time. One example is service 14 between Macclesfield and Langley since that still is running at a reduced frequency due to staff shortages. At least, that was planned ahead of time but it is the unplanned absences that can cause the most expected disruption to journeys those the requirement to self-isolate is going away soon, maybe too soon in the eyes of some.

17:15, June 28, 2020

Route 14 between Macclesfield and Langley returns to the normal Monday to Friday service level tomorrow. The frequency is less frequent on Saturdays but it is good to see services like this being enhanced again as the lockdown eases.

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