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Assorted Bus Routes

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The practice of sharing lists of bus routes with links to timetables has been inherited from my outdoors blog. On there, it was those services that took me into hill country that were of interest and these have been moved here and integrated with others to give a selection that I think might be useful to others.

Electric hybrid double-decker bus, Manchester, England, UK

To make things more digestible, I have divided the list by nation and type. For the former, the nations are Éire, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. All bar the first of these of course are part of the U.K. though they act as a useful categorisation anyway. In addition, any services crossing boundaries between different nations get a dedicated page. The other split is by trunk and local for all apart from Northern Ireland where all featured services are bundled under the heading of being rural.

The categorisation of trunk and local is a looser one though few features separate them. The former bunch include a lot of coach services, some of which being express ones, and long-distance bus routes too. The latter tend to be shorter and go within an urban area or not very far from a centre of population. The fuzziness involved in these categorisations may mean that some services may move from one to another as time goes on. A major upheaval was involved in setting things as they are so some time is needed for the dust to settle on what has been done. That should allow for some refinement.

Of course, there are likely to be additions and deletions to come as new services are discovered and existing ones cease to do so. Reader input is more than welcome too so please use the form below if there is anything that you think needs adding or even updating. Even with the tools that I now have at my disposal for maintaining the list, there are bound to be occasions when I miss something.