Efforts of Enthusiasts

It isn’t just the business of local authorities to provide travel information in their local areas because local folk sometimes take matters into their own hands too and this is where I get to highlight a few of these and plan to add more as and when I find them. My own efforts on here may help in their own little way but others do a far more comprehensive job for their respective local areas. Please give me a nudge below if you know of more than these.

Bus Times

It may look otherwise but this is the effort of one person plugging things into open sources of information to create something very impressive for both Great Britain and the whole island of Ireland; even the Republic of Ireland gets included so multi-national coverage is offered. There even is a map-based function that zeroes in on where you are using the location of a mobile device and creates a list of the next buses at nearby stops. This may not be live information though but even having timetable information delivered like this puts some other sources to shame. There are actual bus timetables too so the traditional of looking at things is available.

Bus Services in York

The name of this website doesn’t do justice to its content. The services for which timetables are supplied do not serve York but also the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales national parks as well as other parts of Yorkshire. It’s the work of one person as far as I can see and adding in all those timetables must take a lot of work, especially with them changing all the time. Since I quite fancy revisiting North Yorkshire for walking trips after what feels like too long, this should have its uses.

Scottish Hills by Bus and Train

As someone who explores hill country using public transport to get there and away, this caught my eye when mentioned in route descriptions in The Great Outdoors magazine. The person behind the website is a hill walker who stuck to buses and trains when getting out and about in Scotland’s more scenic areas so all of this is built from personal experience. The timetables clearly come from Traveline but it still is good to have them collected in one place and that makes a good enough reason to survey what is there for anyone fancying a visit to Scotland’s hill country.

Stourbridge Interchange

This is something of a labour of love with galleries of old and new bus photos to go with the service information. Timetables naturally fine their place on here along with details of service changes and other public transport for this part of the English West Midlands.

The Man in Seat 61

This began as a labour of love for a railwayman and now appears to be how he earns his living. It is a railway information guide that extends beyond Britain and Ireland to include other places as well. The guy has two books published too and the site has won awards so there is something about this web outpost.


As things stand, I am unsure as to who is behind this flashing website apart from the web design agency who created it. It doesn’t look like a council offering, because they have their own, so I have to assume that it is a labour of love until I learn more. For anyone wanting to get about Worcestershire by bus, it looks a very useful information point though.