U.K. Travel Information

The idea for this part of the website is that national and local travel information websites in the U.K. are highlighted for inspection and perusal. Hopefully, all that you’ll find here will be of some use. However, not every local council is as helpful as they could and that will be tested with the public expenditure cuts that are coming. That last comment also applies to the local transport authorities that I have added as well. While things are only getting going from foundations at the moment, the intention is that this section builds into a useful library for those interested in explored a particular area by public transport or just to know more about about getting around their local patch.

Journey Planning

Unlike Ireland, mainland Britain gets quite a few journey planning websites so here’s a selection. Some are multi-modal while others are rail only but my hope is that they come useful for you. In fact, you may be surprised at what’s included in here.

Helpful Councils

Here, I’ll only list a council if it does something to help the use of public transport and there are those who aren’t so good on this score. Rather than focussing on criticism, I’ll celebrate the good as an example to be followed.

Transport Authorities

This list includes Integrated Transport Authorities created from earlier Passenger Transport Authorities in 2005 along with a few other similar institutions. All do something to provide timetable libraries, journey planning and travel news as part of their web service.

Efforts of Enthusiasts

Not content with other sources of information, some have taken it on themselves to provide information for their local area. So far, I have found two but there may be more. Leave me know if you have something like what they have.