A New Appearance

If you have not been here for a while, you should see signs of a refresh. The old design used code that stopped working so the website had the appearance of having gone offline. That has been replaced by what you find here now and all appears to be working well so far.

Though there were continual updates to a lot of the content on here, 2016 still was a quieter year on here. Other things in my life took up more of my attention so longer entries were absent. Now that we are in 2017, the big task that dominated last year is behind me though there will be smaller ones to do in addition to my day job. The upheaval cause by bereavement still makes its present felt.

2016 also was a big year in world news with Britain sadly and narrowly choosing to leave the European Union in a referendum and the U.S.A. electing Donald Trump as its president. Both of these mean that uncertain times that lie ahead of us and the impact on public transport is as yet unknown.

Still, I did get to sampling train and bus services on much needed breaks away from a frantic everyday life. These included Austrian and Norwegian train services as well as Mallorcan bus services. They may provide inspiration for entries on here yet. The same may be said for the Swiss train network and Icelandic bus services too and these were experienced during 2015.

Otherwise, there are sure to be developments in British and Irish public transportation. After all, Bus Éireann is in financial trouble at the moment and needs to restructure its operations in order to survive. What that means for bus services in Ireland has yet to be seen and trade unions are unhappy too. Then, there is the long running saga of industrial relations problems in Southern Railway that have made life a misery for so many in the southeast of England. GHA Coaches went bust and the affects of that business collapse still are being felt across much of England and Wales. Such developments mean that there always is a need for some public transport advocacy too. Maybe it is time for a little more of that in these testing times.


After next to four years of this site being on WordPress.com, I decided that it was time to go independent with it. If you have been here before, then you shouldn’t see too much changes in appearance apart from a restructuring of content.

Wanting to have this as more of website with a blog attached was the reason for the move. WordPress still powers things behind the scenes but having more more control that I can achieve the aim of having something that collates longer living travel information as well as new and views on current events. Experiences will continue to feature too as things go from here.

My hope now is that this builds as a public transport information for Cheshire East and beyond. Wherever things go, I hope that they will continue to have value for you. If you have any suggestions, just let me know. Freedom from the constraints of where this thing used to may allow them to become a reality.

Two years a going

It was about this time two years ago that I finally decided to move public transport musings from my outdoors blog to a dedicated site on the web and that’s exactly what this is. Since then, some things have changed and some haven’t. One of the former has been our economic fortunes and what that has done to the public finances. Now, after a change of government, bus and rail travel is facing more uncertain times. It is for that reason that organisations such as the Campaign for Better Transport will come into their own and I am certain that any developments will give me something to say too. Nevertheless, it is always heartening to learn that others care of bus and train services as much as you do so that’s why I have been collecting a list of fellow bloggers on the sidebar. We’ll be living in interesting times after the previous Labour government’s largely more benevolent attitude to public transport (barring a sarcastic response at PMQ‘s from Gordon Brown, of course; maybe that Birmingham bus issue was better raised with the relevant local authority instead…). Misimpressions regarding such matters as vehicle taxation or that there ever has been a war on motorists will need challenging and it might be up to those of us who need to confront such ideas to stand up and be counted. Whatever comes, we’ll see what happens.

A manic week

The first full working week of 2010 was a hectic affair after the previous weekend’s snowfall and that during the early hours of Tuesday morning. Many a website was being hammered in the search for travel information during the disruption and this one was no exception with it getting as many hits in a week as it normally does in a month. The past week has seen things calming down though there have been problems in places. One of these has been the A537 between Macclesfield and Buxton and the 58 was being diverted even as lately as today  because of snow drifts and troublesome road conditions. However, the Cat and Fiddle webcam shows a clearance from the way that things were not so long ago. Hopefully, the run of normal Atlantic weather will continue to normalise things even it means getting wet from time to time (or was that nearly all of the time?). The sad part might be having to find another talking point but anything’s better than seeing people getting hurt on ice.

Calming down?

Yesterday proved to be a very busy day on this part of the web with the site statistics showing it was the busiest day that it ever had. In contrast, it is a much quieter place this morning with visitor numbers being more usual. It would seem that the same could be said for buses around Macclesfield. There was a very late 130 but that can happen on any day with Knutsford, Bollington and Macclesfield town services being out and about. Only for the snow that was on the ground in places and the need to clear and grit some areas, it could have been any other day. Of course, another dump of snow could change things and the A537 between Macclesfield and Buxton remains shut, resulting in a diverted service 58 (it’s not the only alteration to Bowers services in Derbyshire). A weekend foray into the hills remains tempting but transport considerations come into play as does the need for items like snowshoes. We’ll see what comes next.

Update @15:40: Service 58 between Buxton and Macclesfield now seems to be running as usual so the A537 must have been cleared to facilitate this.