Christmas 2017 and New Year 2018 Alterations to Public Transport Services

It may be November but news about festive transport arrangements is starting to appear. It has been a while since I collated these because of other things happening in my life but this is where I plan to collect anything I find on an ongoing basis. It could be worth checking this again, especially as we get closer to the time in question.

Rail Travel

Network Rail generally schedules a lot of engineering work for the Christmas and New Year period so it is best to check their travel summary before making big plans. In some ways, their choice of timing always amazes me because more people have time for travel when they are not working. Is it reduced by family activities and the visiting of friends? The answer to that question may reveal a lot.

English Midlands

This year First Potteries is early off the mark with details of how its services will look between Christmas Eve and New Years Day, inclusive. No doubt, others will follow suit.

Northwest England

Industrial action at Arriva Northwest is continuing with strike days planned for the run up to Christmas. Some of these even come in multiples and there is one foursome immediately preceding Christmas Eve itself, which hardly is in the spirit of the season though many in Merseyside support the strike. More seasonally, Merseytravel has created a booklet summarising the services available over the Christmas and New Year period and I hope other transport authorities follow suit.

Southern England

Stagecoach South has announced its arrangements for the winter holiday season. Only Christmas Day will see no buses operating which should see something for shoppers and others to use on the next day.

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2017 and New Year 2018 Alterations to Public Transport Services

  1. I was looking at your blog on stagecoach midlands truncated routes 50/50a, X15,16,17,18 and was wondering if its meant just to be a guide when it was typed up then or the latest information? if its the latter then the 50a, X15, 16 don’t run anymore, this was due to ‘a traffic regulation of services’ and routes X17 and X18 where extended to Redditch (with a change to X19 at stratford apon avon) for X17 and Evesham for X18 to replace 26 and 28. Also the route area between stratford apon avon to chipping Norton is called the Cotswold hills as ive got a couple of friends who live in south bucks on the chillten hills. I hope this information is invaluable to you as ive travelled In the area of your route blogs and they are very nice and scenic to ride in.

  2. While your information is useful, I don’t see how this is relevant to this post. If it refers to the bus routes pages, then I can look into that there.

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