Changes to High Peak Bus Services 2013-03-12

Here, I am referring to the bus company named High Peak rather than the area since it has its share of bus operators too. While I am most interested in its Cheshire operations, there’s a lot of change coming in its Derbyshire hinterland too.

That it operates services other than cross-boundary ones into Cheshire does look a little surprising when you consider that it’s based in Dove Holes near Buxton and that winter weather often takes its toll on their operations. Still, they are continuing with their Knutsford town service 300 even after they are planning to mothball the service 27 between Macclesfield and Knutsford. That’s now going out to tender so it’ll be interesting how things look from next month. Around the same time, the 300 is becoming a fully commercial operation that leaves out the Queensway and Tabley Road parts of the route though GHA’s 289 between Northwich, Knutsford and Altrincham offers an alternative to the 300, which may explain the change. A shortened Macclesfield town service 1 still continues though that was to be withdrawn and the Macclesfield to Stockport routes 392 and 393 are under their custodianship too. After those, there’s the cross-boundary services that took Bowers, High Peak’s predecessor, into Cheshire in the first place and these connect Macclesfield with Buxton (58), Glossop (64) and New Mills (60), occasionally along with other places that include Disley (60) and Bakewell (58).

Bus services serving Ashbourne are seeing a lot of changes from the start of April. The 42 and 42A direct services to Buxton are a casualty though the 441 is a partial replacement. Otherwise, it’s the 442 that’s mainstay with a largely hourly service on all days of the week except Sunday when a lower frequency over the whole route is on offer.

Otherwise, there are a number of less frequent Monday to Saturday services fanning out from Ashbourne to serve Thorpe (101), Parwich (102) and Kirk Ireton (103). This reorganisation means that the 111 to Parwich no longer will operate after the end of March. High Peak also gain a Monday to Saturday evening journey from Ashbourne to Derby; the service number is 109.

After those, there just are timetable and route tweaks. The 389 New Mills town service is among these as are the 390 Shire Hill Hospital to Whitfield and 394 Glossop to Stepping Hill Hospital. Following cuts in Cheshire East, you’d be wishing to be wishing for this scale of adjustment again but it may be a while coming given the times in which we live.

5 thoughts on “Changes to High Peak Bus Services 2013-03-12

  1. GHA have published the new 27/27A/27B timetable that they are to operate on a 9 month contract from 4th April. A significant reduction in services is seen on Saturdays.

    • Carl, thanks again for spotting this. Looking on GHA’s website, I found the new timetable and it doesn’t look so bad at at all. Yes, Saturday journeys have been pruned but it otherwise can be made to work with its largely two hourly frequencies, even if we are now without the 18:40 departure from Knutsford to Macclesfield that could have been handy for those longer evenings that yet have to arrive.

  2. According to Cheshire East council GHA expressed an interest in running the subsided service on offer and were given passenger loading information but then went to register a reduced commercial service so the tender hasn’t been and can’t be awarded. They’ve also transferred the route from ‘GHA Coaches’ to ‘Vale of Llangollen Travel’

    I don’t understand the logic of which buses they’ve extended to Queensway as the ones they’ve extended will run very close to their own 289 service which stops on the main road by Queensway.

    • Thanks for this, JC. What I suspect that they’re doing is swapping drivers between the 27 and the 289, which might explain why the timings are like this. When you consider that they have a Macclesfield outstation, this makes a deal of sense. Let’s hope that GHA have more luck with the 27 than High peak appeared to have. It’s a pity to see it go like this but anything is better than nothing at all.

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