Macclesfield to Knutsford bus service to change again at the end of October 2012

The first change is the service number which will become 27B. From the start of the month, service numbers will be 27 and 27A. Quite why they are changing like this is beyond me since just calling it the 27 would do just fine and that’s what I’d keep calling it. Maybe the amended numbering might be caused by goings on in the Northwestern Traffic Commissioner’s office.

More importantly, the 08:30 Monday to Friday journey (or 08:25 as it says on the Cheshire East Council website) from Macclesfield now serves Alderley Park, a good idea given recent loadings but one is left wondering if a break in service will do it harm. Midday Monday to Friday services will call no longer at Alderley Park so any lunchtime journeys to shops will involve a walk out of the site to the road. The same situation would apply to anyone wanting to get to Knutsford from after 16:30, a nuisance given the onset of longer hours of darkness.

On one hand, there seems to be an air of greater sense regarding the timetable though anyone working at Alderley Park clearly loses out more than they did with the October 6th changeover to commercial working. The later alterations come into force on October 29th and they don’t have any impact on the Saturday timetable. Could there be more to follow after user feedback? That would be interesting to see. Hopefully, we won’t see that 18:40 journey from Knutsford disappear; it deserves to succeed.

7 thoughts on “Macclesfield to Knutsford bus service to change again at the end of October 2012

  1. High Peak send a solo off the 300 service empty back to Dove Holes from Knutsford bus station at around 17:40. I asked High Peak why couldn’t this be used to operate a 17:45 limited stop Knutsford-Macclesfield service about 2 months ago – High Peak haven’t responded to my question

  2. The suggestion is an interesting one and moreso given the changes next month. As it happens, I always am left wondering at buses running light back to depots without offering a service to defray the cost of doing so. Do drivers get paid differently for this? It’s something I see Arriva doing with the 130 all the time.

  3. Comment rephrased due to lack of clarity in original text:

    [Is the return bus fare gone from £3.50 to £4.80 between Knutsford to Macclesfield?]

  4. The fare was frozen at £3.50 return for Knutsford-Macclesfield for a few years. I haven’t used it since the commercial service started but I’m guessing Jon Richards is saying (not very well) that the fare is now £4.80 (a 37% increase.) Maybe someone can confirm if that is the case.

  5. The return fare from Macclesfield to Knutsford (or vice versa) is £4.80 now and the single remains at £3. This information has been used to update the Sample Bus Fares page. There also is a network day ticket for £6 that is described on the aforementioned page. Hope this information helps.

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