Not so bad around here

With all the noise that there is about the closures of Heathrow and Gatwick due to the heavy snow that hit the south over the weekend, it is worth remembering that other parts are affected as well and that more snow hit the southwest and Wales today. For instance, Wales seems to be seeing disruption to its train services and MerseyRail is running a Sunday service tomorrow to ensure resilience (how’s that going to work with folk going to work and about their business?).

There may have been snow in the Manchester, Stockport and Macclesfield areas on Friday night but local buses and trains seem to be running well. The way in which we have been feeling the effects of what happened on Saturday are in the form of train cancellations and delays with Virgin faring worse than CrossCountry from what I could see. Macclesfield town bus services are being operated as are those to Crewe and Manchester. We may have to take care where we walk but that’s the extent of what the cold weather has done to us in the town.

A recent trip to Glossop confirms the same sort of conditions. Most buses seem to be running there too and trains seem not to be missing a beat. Good accumulations are there to be seen in the surrounding hills but any roads that I saw were clearer than the pavements by their side. Apart from greasy soft snow, the only real ice was to be found on a bridleway and that needed footwear with spikes for it to be crossed. Otherwise, busier routes could be negotiated though some needed care in order to do so.

Ireland hasn’t escaped the snow either with a heavy fall this evening having closed Dublin Airport to arrivals and departures until at least 23:00.The general Dublin area seems to have had quite a dump of the white stuff too, much as the southwest of the country did over the weekend. That has made road conditions tricky in usually mild parts such as the county of Limerick; the town of Newcastlewest is badly affected by ice due to the very low temperatures.

All in all, I could see folk in Britain and Ireland welcoming a wet Christmas if it took away the snow and ice that we currently have. With all the excitement of white Christmases in previous years, who’d have seen that coming about? After all, I suppose that it’s harder to enjoy a visual feast if you feel that your normal way of life is disrupted.

2 thoughts on “Not so bad around here

  1. I have just been thinking of a rail route from Stockport to Manchester that I travelled more years ago than I really care to remember when I was a member of the Lancashire Locomotive Society. Our train was re-pathed to avoid Manchester Piccadilly. From Stockport station, it took the junction at Heaton Norris Junction, passed through the stations at Reddish South and Denton, then proceeded through Denton Junction, Crowthorn Junction, Ashton Moss South Junction and Ashton Moss North Junction where it took the route through the junction at Miles Platting station into Manchester Victoria and Salford stations, before continuing towards Bolton onwards.

    Is the route as I have described still available from Stockport to Manchester Piccadilly?

  2. Remembering that CrossCountry trains were diverted into Manchester Victoria during weekend engineering works only a few years back, I reckoned that the route you describe still exists. If I recall correctly, it added noticeably to journey times too. For my own confirmation, I looked at OS map and it does appear that the route still exists though I don’t think that it is used often by passenger services.

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