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A quick trip to the National Rail website reveals that it has undergone a marked change in appearance. Of course, it’s the algorithm that does the journey planning that really matters and only time will tell on that score. Even with just an initial look, I already have noticed one omission and it’s something that I have used a lot. The feature in question is the ability to find either the first or last journey of a given day by selecting from a drop-down box. It was something that I found very handy when planning day trips. Getting the same information is now going to be less slick so this is a step backwards. It may not have been a feature that many used and there is a workaround so it looks as if I’ll have to get used to a new way of doing things. Even so, it is a pity to have lost it.

Update: The facility is still there, albeit not where I would have expected to have found it. For what it’s worth, it’s in the leaving/arriving menu.

4 thoughts on “A website refresh

  1. Hi there, I believe this might have been a bug when the new site was first implemented over the weekend. If you go to the site now, you can choose first and last train from the drop down (the default is leaving).

  2. Thanks Kathryn.

    Still, having the options hidden away in the leaving/arriving drop-down isn’t where I’d have put them. You have to know what you are after and where to find it. Is that a good way to do things from a user experience point of view? I can see that you’d want to cut down on screen clutter but I am not sure if putting it where they have makes sense.

  3. Another problem I find with the new webpage is that the Live Departure Boards are hard to find – down the bottom left-hand side of the page, and when you’ve viewed one station, you can’t go back directly to the Departure Boards again. So if you wish to check connections, for example, you have to either use the back button, which may take some time if you’ve checked several trains, or start again at the homepage.

  4. That piece looks unfinished and you have to ask if the same can be said for other parts of the site. That there are rough edges like this is reminiscent of the original version in spite of the fresh new look. Have they put out a work in progress? It looks as if there is unfinished business needing attention.

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