A month full of changes

Cheshire East Council Logo

A quick look at Cheshire East Council’s list of bus service changes for October will confirm that something of an upheaval will be going on in southeast Cheshire’s bus network at the end of the month. Places like Crewe, Sandbach, Nantwich and Congleton are seeing the bulk of the action with interurban changes showing the most of the transformation. Of course, your only hope is that no reduction in service quality will result and that’s how it looks to me with BakerBus and GHA increasing their footprints with no mention of Arriva at all and plenty of references to D&G. It would seem that Cheshire’s formerly main operator is but a minor player now. There is no sign of anything planned for November or December but my hope is the Cheshire East’s newly refreshed website would be where we would find out about any changes. After all, trying to find out anything from a traffic commissioner website is dead loss, even if it is they who process all of the supporting paperwork.

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