Isle of Man Public Transport Information

It seems that there are ample public transport options for exploring the Isle of Man by public transport. The website should tell you much of what you need to know. Recently, I made a short visit to the island with the aim of paving the way for others and turned up a pile of useful information for such endeavours, naturally including public transport planning stuff as well. It may have rained on the day but I am not so easily put off.

Isle of Man Public Transport Information

4 thoughts on “Isle of Man Public Transport Information

    • To answer that, you need to talk to the issuer of your travel pass because it seems to be in their hands as what they’ll cover. For instance, an English bus pass can be used only for bus services in England.

      For what it’s worth, here are some places to look for more information:




      Northern Ireland

      Hope they get you what you need to know or who to ask for more information.

    • Apologies for the delayed reply, but no, you cannot use your pass.

      The Isle Of Man is not part of the UK, therefore UK concessions are not accepted by Isle Of Man Transport.

      Isle Of Man Transport offer a range of Multi Journey Bus & Rail Tickets though, which offer excellent value.

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