Is Lake District bus travel too expensive?

On visits to the Lake District, I have been struck by the cost of bus travel a few times and the £3.55 that I paid for a one-way ticket from Windermere to the Kirkstone Inn was another reminder of thoughts that have crept into my mind before. That was a distance of around 10 km or 6 miles and cost at least £1 more than its equivalent. Day Rider tickets are not so cheap with one for £9.75 covering the whole area and another covering the Central Lakes for £6.60. If the powers that be want to get people out of their cars and onto public transport, then these costs would have to tumble somehow. For a family, I can foresee it all adding up to such a level that the family car remains the cheaper and easier option. Ironically, the same economic pressures that are bearing down on families are also likely affect public transport so it’s difficult to see how this is going to change, particularly with public spending cuts on the agenda.

2 thoughts on “Is Lake District bus travel too expensive?

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  2. Yes I totally agree its far too expensive especially for familes it would probably be cheaper for them to hire a car! Senseless really as like you say it doesn’t encourage people to leave the car.

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