A good turn done

I was over in Ireland last weekend and managed to fit in a visit to Wicklow’s hill country. One occurrence that sticks in my memory is an all too rare good tale. I was awaiting the 145 from Bray to Kilmacanogue at Bray train station and a helpful bus driver ask me where I was going and gave a lift up as far as the main street from where I could have a better chance of catching the bus that I was after. This was done free gratis and it is a favour that’s all too rare in the U.K. and it’s nice that it still remains in the country of my birth and upbringing. Of course, the helpful driver worked for the same company as that which ran ran the bus that I wanted, Dublin Bus, but a good welcoming impression was given nonetheless. A bit more of that in these depressed times and returning the favour with more paid patronage would be in order.

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