Economic realities

Ireland’s CIE has ended with a €39m loss for the year and is talking of service reductions with its subsidiaries Bus Éireann and Dublin Bus garnering a mention. National Express is laying off 300 back office staff. Stagecoach’s Brian Souter is talking of hard times ahead and there is softening of demand on commuter routes with more people being out of work. All of this is hardly optimistic but it is a reminder that the transport industry is not immune to the economic pressures that we face. Let’s hope that we pull through what lies ahead of us without too many cuts to services.

2 thoughts on “Economic realities

  1. Cuts to services are in the offing and there’s even the prospect of fleet reductions too. Would a private operator get so caught on the hop as to end up having to do things like this? It does rather seem that the Irish authorities have been taken by complete surprise by the downturn.

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