Changes in the New Year

Cheshire County Council has a very useful part of their website where you can get advance notice of any forthcoming changes. Frequent checks there should avert the sort of surprise that a notice on the 130 saying that service changes were due at the start of 2009. They kick in from January 4th in fact and involve an hourly service on Saturdays with no changes on Sundays and minor changes on other days of the week. We”ll need to see how things pan out but any reductions in frequency have to be a disappointment and I hope that further ones don’t follow. While on the subject of changes,the 27 Macclesfield-Knutsford is facing as yet unspecified minor changes (I hope!) a week later. There used to be a time when these sorts of announcements tend to gravitate around September and October but January seems to be the point this time around.

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