Saving precious pennies

I an mulling over a Christmas shopping trip to Edinburgh over the coming weekend (yes, I know that we are just after one) and decided to see if I could save on the £64 off-peak return fare by having a poke around the National Rail Enquiries website. It turns out that there is a way to manage the feat and a saving of around a third of the price is possible too without needing advance purchase tickets with their lock-in to specific train times. In fact, all that’s needed is a practice called rebooking where you get more than a single set of tickets for your journey and it’s valid so long as the train on which you are travelling actually stops at a station that is a destination for one set and a starting point for another. I have found that a set from my home station to Preston and from there to Edinburgh does the deed. The very nice part of all of this is that it can be done with off-peak return ticketing (the current incarnation of the old saver return), all walk on fares in other words. And there’s no need to resort to with all their smugness and hubris either; well, I find their latest billboard campaign to be on the wrong side of insulting…

2 thoughts on “Saving precious pennies

  1. Is ‘rebooking’ the same as ‘split ticketing’?

    This is the method I use to reduce an otherwise £118 standard morning day return Reading – Swindon to £74 – by having an anytime return Reading – Swindon as well as an anytime return Swindon – Newport.

    Another classic example is Reading – Solihull, which is £68 day return purchased on the day. But Reading – Banbury is £17.80 while Banbury – Solihull is £11.10.

  2. To me it is the same as “split ticketing” but I have seen the term “rebooking” so that’s what I have used here. I am sure that we could collect quite a number of these because of the idiosyncrasies of the fares system. It’s some poking but it’s well worth it. Good on you for working the system too.

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